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Long Play. Short Pop.

Total Trash On All Counts

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 So there we were, touring the old globe, having a large one. There was me, that is Clive, Jordan, Jon and Wesley.

We were all on the same train whether we knew it or not. If you see something, say something. It was bound to be. Destiny I think they call it. Then it all went tits up. The governor left the building and the emperor wasn't wearing any clothes. One night we all found ourselves at the same dive. Clive, after years on the road with slop'n'soul artist Curtis Harding, switched lanes to work with celebrated anarchist Mattiel who he met while working with Jonah Swilley and Randy Michael. It was then that he met the genius that is Jordan Manley. A man.

 Clive and Jordan were trading war stories at the bar when they were happened upon by one Strength. Jon Strength. He spoke of strength and pan Africanism. Which brings us to the great Wesley Flowers. He had just finished a very sexy romp around the moon with Butch Walker and a few years conducting California's Venice Symphony Orchestra. They found they all had an affinity for pop music of all sorts and having an almighty laugh. Also sports. It only made sense that they should make a racket together.

 “He who hasn’t stoned cast the first sin” 

Said a voice from behind us at the bar. 

I, under my breath, asked if everyone knew. “No”,he replied. We’re the least of their concern. No one even knows we’re here. Yet. It was total trash on all counts. 

Massive 45 is:

Sean Clive/Guitar & Vocals

Wesley Flowers/Keyboards, Guitar & Vocals

Jon Strength/Bass

Jordan Manley/Drums

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